Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fancy Tea Party

The invites were sent. Then just days before the party, the mom of the birthday girl's water heater burst leaving water damage behind. It couldn't all be repaired in time for the party. What's the mom to do? Cancel? Postpone? "Have it here! Have it here!" I said.  She agreed and I quickly went to work.
A little welcome sign to greet our guests!
Pretti Mini water bottle labels
I made a keepsake Pretti Mini banner for the birthday girl to hang in her room after the party.
We served tea sandwiches shaped like butterflies and flowers, along with fruit, veggies, and sweets. And tea, of course!

Before lunch, the girls got light make-up and had their hair done. Then it was time for a fashion show!
Birthday girl, Brianna, leads the show!
It was a gorgeous, sunny day, so we headed outside later for fun and games.
Skittle relay
I loved their faces and watching them cheer each other on!
Happy smiling girls! The best part of what I do!

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