Monday, May 14, 2012

The Enchanted Spa Party

What a beautiful day it was! The room my client chose for her daughter's party was just perfect. A blank canvas with big windows, allowing the sun light in. My lilac tree was in full bloom, so I cut a bunch that morning and brought with me. The room SMELLED like a spa. I was so happy.
I make a custom welcome sign for each party and custom water bottle labels on request.
  Hand made personalized birthday banner/bunting.
 Tulle pom poms are my favorite way to dress up a room.
Spa towel wraps hung in the entry way. Each girl was given one to change into as she arrived.
I worked on them for a month so it was so exciting for me to see them all hanging there...ready to be worn! The girls loved them...especially when they realized they were a take home gift also!
The craft table was next. Each girl could decorate her own flip flops with ribbon, gems, & fabric strips.
  I love how creative they were!
                                                                        Next up was the pedicure station.
   Followed by mani's!
    Sweet girls waiting for their nails to dry.
                                                                              The main event... FACIALS!!!
 Beautiful birthday girl, Emma, ready for her facial. Each girl got a goodie bag that included a hair wrap and mini mani/pedi kits to take with them to each station and then take home.
                                                              Face masks and cucumbers produced a lot of smiles!
                                                                                         So much fun!
Girls and moms dined on flip flop and spa mask sandwiches, along with fruit, veggies, & a few of my signature sweets.
My signature flavored popcorn and adorable spa cookies from A Cookie Jar. 
                                                                                 The sweets table.
  My home made marshmallows and buffet cards.
Marshmallow pops
Purple lemonade with sweet retro straws by The Sugar Diva.
A beautiful and fun day with a great group of girls!

Big thanks to Jen of JE Portraits for the incredible photos! Stunning!

Party Design: Pretti Mini Parties
Photography: JE Portraits
Spa Cookies: A Cookie Jar
Paper Straws: The Sugar Diva
Spa Party Clip Art: Zenware Designs


  1. adorable-sadly I'm a mom/grandma of all boys! would you share your recipe for lavender marshmallows?

  2. Hi, Barb! I use Alton Brown's home made marshmallow recipe. Easy and DELICIOUS! Just google home made marshmallows and Alton Brown and you are sure to find it. I add food coloring at the end of mixing for fun. You could make blue or green for the boys! :-)

  3. For this blog, I will just give lots of flying kisses for this great work done by. Your party there is really different from others and looking amazing. The paper straws are same as here. Check it paper straws

  4. How did you make the cute flip flop sandwiches?

  5. I also would like to know about the flip flop sangies. Did you have a cookie (sandwhich) cutter?

  6. Okay - found a 'summer set' by Wilton online so seems this would be what you used. Party ideas you've created on the page are truly awesome! However it would be nice if you took the time to answer peeps questions when they are kind enuf to visit your page. :-)
    Happy summer.

  7. Hi, Holly! Sorry for the late delay. This is actually my OLD blog so I'm rarely on here. I used a summer set by Wilton that had a flip flop, martini glass, and something else. Palm tree, maybe? I used the cookie cutters to cut all the bread out - one or two at a time so it doesn't smoosh it too much. Then I cute american cheese and turkey out with the same cutters. For the thong part, break tooth pics in half and use them to hold 2 pieces of green pepper or cucumber slices for each "flip flop". Top with a half of a cherry tomato. Super easy and always a big hit!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site! Moving to a new website soon: see

    All the best,


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